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King Kong

The eighth wonder of the world.

King Kong Fans
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Image by zyliaspooky

Welcome to kongfans where we are based off the new 2005 movie, King kong and the previous, timeless classics. King Kong is such an amazing movie and it deserves it's own community to help celebrate its achievements. You can post icons here, banners, fanfics, fanart, basically anything that involves King Kong is allowed here. General discussion is also allowed here and encouraged just as long as it's not off-topic. For questions or comments you can email one of the staff members.

Image by Zyliaspooky

[1] Absolutly no fighting or flaming of one another.
[2] Only make entries on and about King Kong, discussions about anything else goes elsewhere.
[3] Please use a lj-cut if you have a large amount of pictures to post or a big picture, this also includes fanart and fanfics.
[4] We do allow nudity and sex, though please leave it under a cut with a warning. If there is no warning, it's getting deleted.
[5] Please, when posting icons and the like, if they are not yours do give credit. If I catch this it is an automatic ban.
[6] Please be literate, others find chat speak hard to read.

Image by Zyliaspooky

Want to affliate us? Just tell one of the staff members, We're always looking for more.