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Come meet Andy Serkis

(N.B. this is subject to Andy's work commitments)

Hi all, I am the writer/producer/director of The Brightonomicon audio series...adapted from the best-selling novel by father of far-fetched fiction Robert Rankin (and released by BBC Audiobooks on Feb 14th!)  I thought I would pop by to let you know that we are having an event that you may be interested in: 

The Brightonomicon Audio Series SIGNING
Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London
Weds 13th Feb 5pm-6:30pm

Alongside Robert Rankin will be legendary actor David Warner, the man who is Gollum Mr Andy Serkis & Jason Isaacs of Harry Potter fame (well, barring work commitments of course!), Rupert Degas and other members of the cast and crew.  It should be a great event and you are all most welcome to come along and meet Robert & co.

The details can be found here:


(Jason & Andy have only just confirmed so don't be worried about why they are not named on the Forbidden Planet page.)

Hope to see you there...and if you decide to buy the series I hope you enjoy it, Andy is fantastic as the arch-villain Count Otto Black!

Neil :-)


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